We examine life expectancy, chronic diseases, and substance misuse in this sector and ask questions about healthcare accessibility and overall physical and mental health.

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One out of two survey respondents reported a lack of trusted, available medical health care providers. One out of three respondents says there is a lack of accessible options or a lack of trusted and available mental health providers. One out of four respondents does not have the finances or the health insurance needed to get the care they need. For people of color, all of the percentages go up.

Survey respondents reported that their physical health is above average. Physical health is said to improve as income increases.

Survey respondents reported that their mental health is above average. Mental health is said to improve as income increases.


Berkshire Overdose Addiction Prevention Collaborative works to implement policy, practice, systems, and environmental changes to prevent the misuse of opioids and to prevent and reduce deaths and poisonings associated with opioids. https://boapc.org/ Access the HEAL Community Dashboard at https://wwwru.bumc.bu.edu/hcs.

Berkshire County Board of Health Association promotes education and coordination among the 32 Boards of Health in Berkshire County. http://bcboha.org/

Berkshire Partnership for Health is a county-wide initiative targeting four key areas of disease prevention and wellness – diabetes, high blood pressure, fall prevention, and tobacco treatment. Our team connects at-risk community members with the appropriate clinical and community resources at no cost to the individual. Berkshire Partnership for Health also works with individuals to overcome obstacles to accessing healthcare. https://north.berkshirehealthsystems.org/community-health-wellness/berkshire-partnership-health/

The County Health Initiative (CHI) is a group of decision-makers from health care, public health, social services and community groups whose goal is to improve the overall well-being of all people in Berkshire County by taking a holistic approach to building a more healthy, vibrant and inclusive community. Currently, the CHI is working on completing a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).