In this sector, we examine government finances and voter participation and ask questions on how government represents you and your satisfaction with government services.
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Two out of three survey respondents feel that their local government represents them very well or moderately well. As income increases, responses indicate a feeling of better representation. The percentage that feels government represents them very or moderately well drop by 20% for respondents of color.

Three out of four survey respondents are satisfied with law enforcement, with two out of three satisfied with the courts and corrections and three out of five satisfied with prosecutors. Higher-income respondents tended to have higher satisfaction with law enforcement, courts, and corrections, and lower satisfaction with prosecutors. People of color responded with lower satisfaction with law enforcement and courts and higher satisfaction with prosecutors.

One out of two survey respondents is satisfied with the level of investment in roads, renewable energy, and broadband. Two out of three are satisfied with the investment in water and sewer. Broadband had the highest level of dissatisfaction (21%.)


The Berkshire County Town Managers group meets monthly to discuss our communities’ unique situations, new initiatives, state requirements, and local municipalities’ problems. Through education, collaboration, and sharing, our communities can learn from one another. The Berkshire County Selectboard Association focuses on education, collaboration among municipalities, and advocating for the region at the state level. Several other groups focused on specific jobs, such as a building inspectors group, a road superintendent group, a police chief group also exist.