Goal: Land Use

image Berkshire County residents, businesses, cultural institutions and municipalities enjoy and actively work to maintain the rich landscapes and settlement forms of the county.  The distinction between the rural and urbanized areas is maintained and reinforced.  Rural towns maintain large blocks of undeveloped areas for resource and tourist-based economic development and environmental enhancement.  Villages and town centers remain vibrant activity centers where residents and visitors meet basic needs and enjoy strong social engagement.  Town centers and the region’s cities are activity hubs offering a robust blend of economic and social opportunities that serve existing residents and businesses and attract new ones to the region.  Investments made previously to the built environment are maintained and expanded through an extensive program of targeted reinvestment and revitalization.  The region’s leaders work together to develop, coordinate and implement methods to attract new development to the region which capitalizes on and enhances the region’s aesthetic attributes, maintains important natural resources while allowing economic growth.

We are working as a region to:

    • Work together as a region to implement the Future Land Use Plan
    • Develop in a way that complements environmental and natural assets of the region
    • Limit fragmentation of remaining undeveloped land
    • Develop and re-develop in a manner that reinforces and complements the unique urban character of the region
    • Develop and re-develop settled places that encourage and expand connections between people and allows them to readily conduct normal daily activities with minimal automobile use
    • Maintain the aesthetic character of the region
    • Use long range comprehensive planning to achieve a desired future
    • Enable municipalities to guide development according to their desires
    • Adopt a clear, straightforward development review and approval process
    • Maintain and revitalize existing urban and industrial areas
    • Direct development and public utility investments to areas identified as desiring such development
    • Identify and prioritize areas targeted for redevelopment and new development as a way to attract new economic growth
    • Coordinate land use development activities between municipalities as a way to attract new development and growth


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