Goal: Infrastructure & Services

imageBerkshire County residents and businesses are able to rely on safe and quality roads, water, schools and emergency services.  Infrastructure is operated and maintained without an undue financial burden on the communities and their residents through proactive planning and budgeting.  Residents enjoy a quality of life in which they feel their health safety is protected by a robust police force, firefighters, and emergency responders. The region is served by state of the art telecommunications and is innovative in its approach to the latest technologies and approaches to deliver the highest caliber services in the most efficient way possible.

We are working as a region to:

    • Ensure that long-term planning initiatives include the maintenance, operation and eventual replacement of existing infrastructure
    • Ensure that the maintenance and operation of existing infrastructure occurs in the most cost effective way possible and that the expansion of new infrastructure does not impose an undue financial burden on governmental resources and taxpayers
    • Develop a transportation system that affords mobility for all, provides appropriate access to employment, housing, services and recreation areas, is protective of the environment, enhances community livability, and operates safely
    • Provide public schools that offer a high quality education for all of the region’s children and adequate school facilities and equipment to serve every community
    • Ensure that the region has the necessary services, facilities, equipment, and manpower required to provide for all public health, safety and emergency needs
    • Adjust as necessary to a changing climate to continue to protect health and safety as well as property and infrastructure and provide services based on the needs and demands of the residents in the county
    • Maintain adequate water, wastewater and stormwater facilities and subsurface infrastructure
    • Make high-speed internet access available to all areas in the region and support the enhancement of the wireless telecommunications and broadband internet network and enable new economic opportunities
    • Utilize a holistic approach toward infrastructure and services that accounts for regional impacts and needs now and into the future
    • Invest in the Region as a hub of innovation in fields such as of water, wastewater, and stormwater management, using the academic, technical, and professional expertise to support innovation, and to pilot successful treatment alternatives


Debt to Revenue
Water Usage
School Enrollment
Tax Burden
Vehicle Fatalities


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