Goal: Housing & Neighborhoods

image The Berkshire region is home to a wide variety of housing choices, from urban lofts to rural farms.  Each community includes housing options that offer types and price points to meet a range of needs, from empty nesters to young families.  Neighborhoods in downtown areas have a healthy mix of incomes and have reinvested heavily in the housing stock, sidewalks, parks and community ties in those areas to foster safe and active places day and night.  Traditional village areas retain their distinct identities, with compatible infill and reuse of old mill sites.  Rural neighborhoods and those adjacent to important habitat and water bodies have embraced the role of stewards of their surrounding natural areas.

We are working as a region to:

    • Create welcoming communities that view difference as enhancing the whole
    • Design and retrofit neighborhoods of all types to enhance opportunities for activity and interaction
    • Offer homes that support the health and wellness of those who live there
    • Grow a violence-free community that does not tolerate domestic and other types of violence inside or outside the home
    • Support healthy aging in place
    • Grow a healthier region by working together to combat common health challenges
    • Build disaster-resilient communities
    • Increase the supply of affordable housing across the county, both for low income and moderate income households, in a manner that relies on each municipality doing their fair share and maximizes access to opportunity for lower income households
    • Improve opportunity scores in communities, prioritizing investment into those currently providing most of the subsidized and market rate affordable housing in the region
    • Reduce Housing and Financial Instability in the Region
    • Reduce the amount of waste reaching dumps and landfills
    • Reduce residential energy and water consumption
    • Reduce environmental impacts of residential development


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