Goal: Historic Preservation

imageBerkshire County residents, businesses, municipalities, and preservationists enjoy and actively work to protect the rich history of the region – its iconic landmarks, historic buildings, and heritage landscapes. Vibrant Main Street districts with active village greens are bordered by walkable historic neighborhoods with mature street trees. Rural landscapes uphold the heritage of the region, its agriculture, westward expansion links, and Native American beginnings. New balances with old in compelling ways as historic buildings take on different uses and existing neighborhoods add green features and new buildings while upholding the integrity, character, and aesthetics of the built environment. History is embedded in the pride, recreation, education, economy, and daily activities of the region and its people in tangible ways that are ever-evolving.

We are working as a region to:

    • Identify and protect priority assets in the region with a focus on quality and diversity
    • Maintain and expand historic resource inventories
    • Collaborate to improve visibility of preservation in the region
    • Foster local awareness, pride, and year-round use of cultural historic assets
    • Build municipal awareness of preservation benefits, practices, and challenges
    • Build regional capacity to offer complete spectrum of historic preservation services and functions
    • Increase the level of protection for historic assets in the region
    • Ensure historic preservation objectives are well supported by financial tools and incentives
    • Link historic activities as a partner to economic development efforts
    • Collaborate to support local food and agriculture
    • Use historic preservation as a tool to help define and improve neighborhoods
    • Work to advance historically sensitive green building and renewable energy improvements


CPA Adoptions
National Register Listings
Historic Surveys


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