Goal: Food & Agriculture

image Berkshire County has a resilient local food system that includes a full spectrum of economically viable farms offering a diverse range of products.  The community supports its farmers both as neighbors and as businesses, purchasing their food for consumption at home, school, or out to eat.  Successful farm businesses are part of the region’s sustainable economy, keeping more money in the economy from local spending.  Regional investment in value-added infrastructure has also enabled farmers to increase production and profits.  Farmers continue to care for the productivity and health of the land and community by employing best practices for soil, water, habitat, and biodiversity.  Eating local, healthy foods is promoted through education, networking opportunities, and economic development activities.  It is also made possible for those of limited income or mobility to access more healthy food options at affordable prices to foster a hunger-free community.

We are working as a region to:

    • Improve access to land for current and new farmers
    • Ensure farms have succession plans in place to support keeping farms in agricultural use
    • Ensure agriculture and local food economic activities are prioritized within regional and local economic development strategies and investments
    • Facilitate more value-added products getting to market
    • Create better linkages between farmers and markets
    • Build a year-round local food system
    • Expand access to healthy, local food in all Berkshire schools
    • Expand access to locally grown foods for low- to moderate-income households
    • Work together to ensure regional goals and policy priorities are reflected in state and federal planning and legislation
    • Municipalities that support agriculture and local food


Agricultural Employment
Farm Income
Farmed Prime Agricultural Land


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