Goal: Economy

imageBerkshire County has a diverse and robust economy that offers opportunities for sustainable prosperity to all of its residents.  While capitalizing on the region’s heritage, intellectual vigor, cultural assets, agricultural and natural resources we encourage and excel at innovation, collaboration and harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit.

We are working as a region to:

    • Foster a culture of learning and raise educational attainment levels
    • Connect a skilled workforce that meets employer needs to achieve economic development aspirations
    • Retain and attract new or return talen to the region
    • Offer a region and communities that are easy to navigate and comfortable to enjoy for all residents and visitors
    • Make welcoming new residents a community rather than solely employer-based efford
    • Offer a region that makes doing business clear, predictable, innovative and competitive
    • Support a diverse and robust small business and entrepreneurial environment to drive economic growth and opportunity in the region
    • Build economic resilience through a focus on strengthening local economies
    • Promote green business practices


3rd Grade Literacy
Graduation Rate
Children in Poverty
Educational Attainment

Labor Force Participation Rate
Industrial Diversification
Occupational Diversification

Per Capita Income
Median Household Income
Income Inequality
People in Poverty
Households making less than $75,000/year
Households with Broadband