Goal: Conservation & Recreation

imageThe Berkshires offer a connected system of open lands to support diverse habitat and recreational needs. Residents and visitors have, at the ready, a number of guides to what the region has to offer in the activity of their choice. Schools and businesses are able to benefit from the outdoors through equipping and facilitating tours and outings. This supports stewardship and active lifestyles now and in the future. An overarching ethic of natural resource conservation is embraced by the region, which understands and appreciates the many important values represented in the natural landscape. Conservation and development activities work to retain the integrity of the most critically important areas to biodiversity, recreation, and scenery. This is reflected in activities and practices not only in the rural areas, but also in how nature is incorporated and protected within a highly developed context, such as neighborhoods and downtowns, to ensure accessibility and stewardship are present in some way in all areas, not just parks and reserves.

We are working as a region to:

    • Implement a regional conservation strategy that emphasizes collaboration and coordination across municipal boundaries
    • Improve land conservation and management capacity countywide
    • Develop adn conserve in ways that will help support rich biodiversity now and in the future
    • Improve knowledge and documentation of species of conservation concern
    • Municipalities employ land use tools and practices that support habitat connectivity and minimize adverse impacts from developed areas
    • Work collaboratively to successfully reduce invasive species impacts
    • Work to restore habitat impacted by pollution and prevent future impacts to safeguard a clean environment for future generations
    • Encourage municipalities, businesses adn residents to be knowledgeable and conscientious stewards of the region’s natural resources
    • Offer a comprehensive system of high-quality outdoor recreation options that maximizes health and economic benefits to the region
    • Cultivate an integrated trail system with a focus on diversity and connectivity
    • Increase accessibility of recreation offerings
    • Improve and enhance use and access to rivers and lakes


Access to Open Space
Acres Protected
303d acres and miles
Miles of Trails


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