About Berkshire Benchmarks

image Berkshire Benchmarks is working to improve the quality, access, and volume of data and analysis on the region. We are doing this by working in partnership with organizations across the region with expertise and hands-on day-to-day work in the areas of economic development, social services, and environmental stewardship. Berkshire Benchmarks’ focus is working with the community to understand priorities for action, improve information and education resources to help inform decisions, and then track performance measures over time. In short, our goal is to help mobilize informed and strategic decisions to help the region achieve its vision for the future!

We do this in two ways:

1. Regional Indicators: We work collaboratively with the community to define what we want for our future and then track progress in achieving these goals. We also highlight successes and best practices in the region and beyond to continually inform and improve how things are done.

2. Data Clearinghouse: We work to gather reliable data on the region using a variety of local, state, and national data sets. We do the footwork and quality control so that you don’t have to! This one-stop-shop for data on the region is intended to assist those decision-makers, service providers, and others who need reliable data to inform their work.

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Through sharing practices, data, and analysis in a central location recognized and used by the region we will improve program, policy, and community investment decisions in the Berkshires.